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Snowboard & Ski Servicing Pricelist

Mainpeak is committed to providing full service for skis and snowboards. Have our expert staff assess your precious ride before your next trip to ensure it is fast, durable and safe. Better still, bring it in after each trip for a 'storage wax'. Our depth of expertise ensures that you will receive a detailed analysis specific to your board or skis.

Why ski and board tuning?

Ski & Snowboard Analysis:

After each day of skiing or riding you should thoroughly inspect your equipment for wear or damage. Things to look out for are:

  • Dry base; as you ski / ride the wax wears from the base due to friction and will leave it with a dry, fuzzy, grey appearance. By applying a fresh coat of wax you will refresh the base and improve the glide while conditioning it against oxidation. Mainpeak offers high quality hotwax ensuring the wax permeates deep into the base, to keep it in optimal condition. The wax will wear off quickly, especially on dry snow or icy conditions and should be re-applied (ideally) after every 2 to 4 days of use. It is recommended that a thick layer of wax is applied and not scraped before the board or ski is put into storage. This is usually referred to as a ‘summer’ or a ‘storage wax’.
  • Dull, rounded edges; look for dull, rounded edges or damage such as nicks or burrs. If your edges are worn your ski/board will want to continually slip out from under you while making turns, dull edges will no longer grip the snow reducing the feeling of being able to carve your turns. Worn edges can be particularly hard to ski/ride on firm or icy snow conditions. Many park riders choose to make their edges blunt to make the landings less ‘catchy’
  • Damage to the base; when inspecting your equipment also look for damage to the base such as scratches or deep gouges. Even small scratches can impede glide and can lead to more damage if not repaired. The deeper gouges need to be made water tight as soon as possible so that the base doesn’t soak up moisture into the wood core.


Storage Wax = $15
Scrape = $25
Edges = $30
Full Service = $70
P-Tex = $20
Boot Moulding = $75
Rust Removal = $20

Service Hours

Storage Wax = $15
Scrape = $30
Edges = $35
Full Service = $80
P-Tex = $20
Boot Moulding = $75
Rust Removal = $20

Service Hours

  • Please remove all snowboard bindings. Ski bindings are fine left on.
  • Urgent work (<3 days) will incure an increased cost subject to current workload
  • Prices subject to condition of equipment, up front quote will be provided

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